Photo Friday: Naughty Signs Of The Outback

Based on the attitudes and sass of the people I met on the outback, there should be more signs than just four. But given the remoteness of the roadhouses, gas stations and towns, four is a good number.

©NaptimeWithYasmine. MineCamp17Aug
Taken in Byron Bay.

This isn’t technically the outback, it’s Byron Bay. Regardless, it’s fitting because what sort of Beach Apartments advertise their vacancies via a threatening sign? You may recognize the picture from this post about the mine camp.

Taken at Barrow Creek, Northern Territory.

If you’re naughty, they stick you in the cage. It’s like adult time out for public humiliation. You also may recognize this from this post about mine camps, where it was equally fitting.

Photo Taken in Camooweal, Queensland.

Just like people all over Europe  and even in Southeast Asia love to draw penises everywhere, this sign taken just over the Queensland/Northern Territory border showed me that rural people of Australia also enjoy the sport. Instead of this sign communicating that here you are allowed to walk your dog, it also gives people permission to have boners while they’re doing it. Thanks!

Taken at Mt. Surprise, Queensland.

Because every other form of making a burger now is messed up, as this sign insinuates. “Stuffed them up” means f*cked them up. “They don’t make ‘em like they used to” can be said by any middle aged person about almost anything, so I am hesitant to ever believe its veracity.