Character Tuesday: When You Can’t Force Them To Care

After reading New York Times article “‘They are Slaughtering Us Like Animals,'” I send it to a former Filipina coworker. “What do you think of this?” I asked her, expecting to hear strong opposition. This was the same coworker who had explained who Duterte was, long before he was elected. She was also the person who told me about Ferdinand E. Marcos, the 1972-1981 dictator, and his devastating mandate of Martial Law, where thousands of people were imprisoned, tortured and disappeared. She sighed as she explained that many of her millennial peers fail to comprehend the tragedy of this era.

Later, she finally texts back. “That’s old news,” she writes, “That’s been happening since July.” I was surprised that such a nonchalant statement was all she told me. Maybe she was distraught herself, or maybe just busy. Tone isn’t conveyed well through text. I decided to go further. “Well,” I asked her, “What do you think about it? Are you upset? Are you scared?”

She never responded.

This post is part of weekly series titled Character Tuesday, where every Tuesday I bring you a story about (a) unique individual(s) I’ve encountered. Like I always say, life can be good or bad, but as long as it’s entertaining, that’s all you need. This series is meant to celebrate our quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Featured photo: The cuartel in Oslob, Philippines. Photo originally appeared in this post.