Photo Friday, International Women’s Day Edition: Buying Tampons In Japan

As I’m  presently very removed from the feminist activist space, I failed to post something this week for International National Women’s Day. So here’s a Photo Friday, MENSTRUATION EDITION to make up for it. #MenstruatingandProud

Last December when my sister and I were in Japan, we ran out of tampons and pads. When we went to the store, we struggled to find the ‘feminine product section.’ Once we got to the checkout, the woman quickly stuffed our tampons in a special paper bag, and even sealed it. Was she afraid it would accidentally open, spill out and then someone might find out that we menstruate?!

Like the rest of the world, Japan still holds period taboos. Taboos that need to be WIPED OUT. Ever wonder why women aren’t sushi chefs?

So as my sister as my model (don’t kill me!) here’s a series of photos about buying tampons in Japan.




Some more for you for this glorious day:

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