Video: Morocco-Desert, Camels, and Dancing

Here’s a video, because you wanted more than just pictures of goats, admiration of camels and a story about kindness. You wanted to see Morocco. Mostly, you wanted to know what many hour period of boredom in the middle of the desert looked like. I’m happy to present you with this video of Kimberly and I in our travels through Morocco.

Featured photo: Kimberly and Ahmed stand in an abandoned mosque near the Black Desert outside of Merzouga, Morocco.


Video: Transiting Around Asia

What did moving on bicycles, motorbikes, tuk tuks, buses, and our own two feet look like? This short videos gives a look into what you see from the back a moving vehicle.

Videos taken in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Featured photo: My friend Colin on his motorbike in Hanoi, Vietnam. At that point I was too scared to film for fear of dropping my camera. That would have been great footage. 

Daphne and Allison Present: Official Ibiza Dance Tutorial 2015

Maybe you loved my Ibicenco video (for its quality filming and editing) and thought, I hope she’s planning on doing more.

You’re in luck.

After months of being a third party bystander, with absolutely no personal interest in the matter (guess where that line comes from!), we have a few house music dance moves up our sleeve. As you’re walking around Ibiza Town, chances are you’ll hear some beats drop, and believe me when I say you should be prepared to throw that hand up or step touch the shit out of that sidewalk at a moment’s notice.

Parties and painfully boring (personal opinion) house music becomes infinitely more entertaining if you employ some of the moves we suggest in the video, and even more so if you add in a sassy facial expression. Even better than that? Dancing around people, “having a laugh” and making new friends.

Daphne and I spent an evening this week in Playa d’en Bossa, observing the tourists, participating in naughty behavior and making a general raucous. From that lucrative evening comes the following video.