What I Did In…Queenstown, New Zealand & Around

 Queenstown, New Zealand & Around


Doll Poupee’s New Zealand Guides have stunning photographs and videos, and itineraries.

Official Queenstown, New Zeland site’s walks and hikes.

The NZ Tourism Vineyard directory. There are some beautiful vineyards a few minutes outside of Queenstown. Even if you don’t drink, they’re great for hiking.


View from the Airbnb.

A beautiful apartment with big glass windows and a balcony overlooking the town and the Wakatipu Lake. Find out what other apartments are available for rent in Queenstown here.


Beespoke Kitchen (9 Isle street, Queenstown)
Awarded the best café in New Zealand. Healthy, chic and innovative modern Australian/New Zealand fusions. Excellent hot drinks. We thought it a bit overrated, however. Try the pumpkin soup.

Fergburger (42 Shotover St, Queenstown)
Lines out the door for these hamburgers. Order takeaway or get there extremely early to avoid the crowds. Extremely overrated.

So famous it’s bad. Literally, it wasn’t a good burger.

Patagonia Chocolates (50 Beach St, Queenstown)
Insanely expensive, but insanely delicious-looking desserts created by two Argentines. Find your alfajors and Argentine backpackers here (to my delight).

Too bad I didn’t want to spend $5 on a cookie!

Cookie Time (18 Camp Street, Queenstown)
You can’t walk past here with the urge to be ten years old and eat the bowl of cookie dough before it gets put into the oven. But those are just the smells. The finished product was, most depressingly, not as inspiring. My homemade Tollhouse cookies are much more delicious.

What I did

Milford Sound
Took a day trip with Real Journeys from Queenstown. With its impressive waterfalls and piercing colors, this is a must-see. The only downside was being in a tour bus for five hours and our anal guide wouldn’t stop to go to the bathroom.

Around Queenstown

Ate at The Chop Shop Food Merchants (Arrow Ln, Arrowtown), another healthy modern fusion restaurant. Saw the Lake Country Museum, but only the free ANZAC exhibit. Drank local craft beers and met locals at Fork and Tap (51 Buckingham St, Arrowtown).

Yummy meal at The Chop Shop in Arrowtown.

That’s pronounced Du-need-in, not Dun-a-din, for all the confused out there. We made a brief stop in Dunedin to see architecture. Spent time in the extensive and impressive Botanic Gardens. Ate at The Reef (333 George Street, Dunedin) a seafood restaurant. Walked up the Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world and subsequently couldn’t stop looking at my step and stair count on my health app. Stayed at The Sahara Guest House (619 George Street, Dunedin), a refurbished Victorian house that might have been the filming location for multiple murder films. Great staff, though.

Ate at 26 on Ross (26 Ross Place, Dunedin) for an insanely good chorizo and bacon melt. Beautifully presented and top quality brunch items.


& more…

My dad really loved these donuts (pictured below) and he wouldn’t stop talking about them during our road trip.

naptimewithyasmine-qt22Also ate at The Wobbly Goat Cafe (17 Holyhead St, Outram, Dunedin) on our drive to Dunedin, where we got a glimpse of small town New Zeland life. Alexandra had a fish and chips shop on the main street that my father was a great fan of (I didn’t try it) and we got the chance to see their local and organic foods and crafts markets.


My sister admires the view in Milford Sound.

Featured photo: the official photo of the “What I did in…” series. Taken at Sunshine Juice in Tokyo, Japan.

“What I did in…,” is a new series where I aim to detail some of the most fun (or worst, if I want to warn you) activities, eateries and places to stay. I might also give helpful resources I used to prepare, if applicable. This isn’t meant to serve as a an all-encompassing travel guide, but merely an example of some of the possibilities for that destination. 


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