Things You Find In Darwin

The mine isn’t the only place where you find things. And by things I mainly am referring to creepy-crawlies and fear-inducing arachnids, among other vermin. Just three hours away, Darwin’s landscape is a different kind of wild.

While the mine’s most entertaining spectacles often involve the natural world, unsurprisingly (most of) the things you find in Darwin are the product of humans. And not just any humans, but an odd mix of a vanguard, alternative rodeo-loving, fish competition-going crowd. And like those that I love best, they are sassy.

So here are a few things you find in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia:

Vandalisms and graffiti

That’s a no-brainer, right? Where there are people, there are those peoples’ ideas that manifest themselves on posters, walls and signs.

Take, for example, the vandalism of this famous political protest to Peter Dutton’s immigration policy.  Looks like some people (at least one person) in Darwin really can’t handle the concept of an Australia as more than just white, Anglo, beer guzzling, meat-and-three-veg eating people. (Read more about what’s behind Peter Drew’s campaign on his website. It’s truly inspiring.)

Vandalism of Peter Drew’s “Aussie” poster campaign.

Then there’s the kind of vandalism I enjoy more.


Then the kind of vandalism I love most of all.

I am sorry to the girl who agreed to model for City Dentists.

BUT IT DOESN’T END THERE. “Graffiti artists” in Darwin also give out practical advice. In my opinion, the graffiti pictured below (“Noddles are a good snack”) is a rather kind gesture, one that not only is inclusive of the city’s diverse culinary scene but offers a very counterproductive solution to beating the intense humidity.

Are they, now?

Political activism

While people in Darwin aren’t visibly bothered by the right-wing government’s policy toward asylum seekers (as evidenced by the vandalism of the “Aussie” poster above), they are bothered by certain policies that will absolutely, without a doubt, affect them and their daily lives.

Signs seen around Darwin during the recent election.

While of course there were many issues being debated during the recent Territory elections, the one that was most visibly seen? Lockout Laws. What are lockout laws? A recent trend across Australia, this means enacting legislation that forces clubs to close earlier and stop serving alcohol earlier. O sea, the worst thing that could possibly happen! The move to stop serving alcohol earlier in the night is related to startling statistics regarding the alcohol-related assaults in the area, which decreased for the first time this year. Medical professionals also report being in favor of these laws, citing that they are the ones to deal with overconsumption. Those against lockout laws say that its the local hospitality industry that will suffer.


On a more serious and less judgmental (on my part), one of the things you also find in Darwin is a beautiful mural depicting the joining of Cuban and Aboriginal flags. If anyone has information on the artist or story behind the art, please let me know.

Unexplainable things


When I saw this in the stairwell of my friend Erin’s apartment building, no one could articulate to me, 1) where someone got a terracotta warrior, and 2) why it was being hanged with a jump rope.

Parties that make reference to Ibiza

That face is “why”

Remember when I said “I will literally never be able to escape my past” when I saw Ibiza signs in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand? That’s how I felt when I saw these signs in Darwin.

Bakery items that can’t get any more Aussie


This cheesy vegemite scroll from Baker’s Delight was one of the most nauseating things I’ve ever eaten. By after my hairdresser claimed it was her “hangover cure,” I had to give it a try.

‘Kiss and Go’ signs


This sign, located below parking indications in the Darwin CBD, has been of great confusion to me since I saw it. I haven’t been able to find any information online regarding what it is. Nevertheless, it’s something you find in Darwin, and something of mention on this list.

I was able to discern that it was of great distress to some who refers to him/herself as “a ratepayer,” who wrote an emotive and passionate complaint on the City of Darwin’s Facebook page, reproduced below.

Allison O’neill en City of Darwin17 de mayo de 2013 · Darwin, Territorio del Norte, Australia ·

 Dear Council,The Kiss and Go parking you installed on Lindsay Street may have some serious implications which perhaps you did not consider and as a conscientious ratepayer I feel duty bond to comment: Is it compulsory to Kiss if you park in these areas? What if you are alone in the car – can you snog your wing mirror and will that suffice? Why stop at a kiss? In fact, could these signs be interpreted as a reckless promotion of sexual immorality – is that why I voted Tanya Fong Lim in for? Is that the kind of council we really want for Darwin? What about philemaphobiacs (those with a fear of kissing)? Does this mean that these poor souls, in addition to their terrible burden, are actively discriminated against in their parking choices? Is this right I ask myself? What if you have herpes? Does this not become a public health issue? The council haven’t really thought this through have they? What about those with halitosis? Should the street perhaps have kissing ‘zones within zones’ so that those with bad breath are obliged to park ‘downwind’ of those with good dental hygiene? I hope these issues will be raised at your next meeting, A Ratepayer

 The “ratepayer” does bring up important points, such as, what do you do if you have bad breath? What if you don’t want to kiss your mirror? Why is the City of Darwin concerning itself with the personal sexual choices of its citizens? I hope you, too, ponder these existential questions throughout your day.


If lizards had cousins, they would be meerkats. Why? Because although they are different species, with different habits and customs, they have a commonality. The dramatic, neck-jerking stare-you-down faces. And I love them.
Do you live in Darwin? What other things do you find there?

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