Photo Friday: Death On Phillip Island


Perhaps the featured photo is misleading. When my friends and I took a day trip from Melbourne to Phillip Island in April, it didn’t end up being a murder mystery.

For us at least.


The six kilometer walk around Cape Woolamai (try the Cape Woolamai Beacon Walk!) passed through the sandy beaches, slight inclines through bush and around dramatic cliffs below the lighthouse. But it wasn’t the scenery that kept our attention.


It was the sheer number of dead animals.


Despite the fact that park rangers trolled the kilometers of the coast on their 4×4, they didn’t seem phased by the number of animal carcasses littering the premises.


Death is a natural part of life.


But one has to wonder if the park officials should be a bit more concerned with tidying up the trail for the thousands of tourists that visit each year.


I can imagine that all of the dead wallabies would be something especially traumatic for young child. They are, after all, a sought-after site for tourists in the country.


People normally go to Phillip Island to see the overpriced, hyped-up Penguin Parade. (Don’t try to not pay and instead go up on the cliff overlooking Summerland Beach. The park ranger will ask you to leave.)


But when I go to Phillip Island, I tell people why I make the trip. It’s not for penguins.


I go for the views.



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