Photo Friday: The Slogans of Victoria License Plates

My deepest and most sincere apologies if I took a picture of your car’s license plate in the process of writing this post. Sort of.

Except, you should be proud. Honored, in fact that your license plate drew me in. Or, its slogan at least. Unlike my home state in the U.S. with the slogan “the crossroads of America” (not geographically, I would argue), or as I recently discovered “honest-to-goodness” (we’re not all that innocent), the slogans of my most recent home in Victoria, Australia are assertive, no-nonsense and in stereotypical Australian fashion, humble. With one exception, that is. I’ll let you decipher that one.

Victoria – The Place To Be

“With a nice behind like that who would disagree?” – Something my driver’s ed teacher Mr. Friend would have said.

We don’t have the stunning beaches of Queensland (one of their slogans was “The Can-Do State” how’s that for ambitious) or the dramatic red rock formations of Northern Territory but we are, without doubt, the place to be. This slogan is best accompanied by *clever* Victoria residents attempting to put naughty cryptic messages instead of randomly generated numbers (think: “SLUTIN” and “DUMSHT”…  like I said, this really is the place to be!). But only for a short period of time was it proclaimed as such. Shortly after, the government took notice that there were too many road accidents and took the opportunity to attempt influence the hooligans’ behavior by slapping encouraging phrases on the plates. Which brings us to our next slogan.

Victoria- Stay Alert, Stay Alive

Crucial to note here that “pajero” in Spanish means a man who masturbates a lot. Take a minute to let the whole scene sink in.

Not much one can argue with this one. A road accident is a horrible and unfortunate way to end one’s precious life. The thing is, this slogan is just too straightforward. No cockiness, no bad political move, simply a purely honest attempt at curbing the amount of accidents. Also known as, not my favorite. Never fear, it wasn’t long before the Labour party gained majority in parliament, and boom.

Victoria- The Education State


A 2014 Herald Sun explained that this slogan was established in the Labour party’s goal of establishing Victoria as the nation’s best education system. According to the state government’s website, this goal is linked to their desire to bring high-quality education to all students and “reduces the impact of disadvantages.” Commendable, praise-worthy, celebratory even! I can’t even laugh at this slogan, I fully support education! (Some critics argue that a simple slogan won’t change a government’s actions and treatment of vulnerable populations, as much as we would like to believe.) But there’s one more that really tickles my fancy.

Victoria- On The Move


This license plate is one of the rarest ones in my experience of intently eyeing the plates, given the chance. It might such an anomaly because its from 1994. Wait, I was a toddler when all of Victoria was moving around. When people were drawing arbitrary lines, deciding where Victoria was going to be. They switched it from New South Wales to Western Australia and back again to its original position. It was so tired of moving they let it and this slogan rest!

What’s your favorite? If you live in Victoria, what slogan would you put on the license plates?




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