2016 Photo Challenge: February

This post is the second of a 12-part photo challenge for 2016 to capture “personality” on the street. This challenge is inspired by  Valerie Jardin‘s podcast This Week in Photos: Street Focus, the episode “2016 Resolutions,” featuring Marco Larousse.

February brought a lot of changes to my life. Moving to a new city, trying new jobs, failing new jobs, moving three times and continuing to search for a new apartment didn’t leave much time for photography. The attention towards other things also seemed to squash my creative spirit and inspiration. Disappointingly, I only took two or three photo walks.

The good news is, that when I was able to take photo walks, I was much more daring than in January. After weeks of not taking out my camera, I finally went to the Queen Victoria Market last Saturday with Alexe, designer and blogger (see her label and travel blog, Doll Poupee), and I realized how much fun it can be to see the world through your lens! Next month, I’m taking steps to practice more.

The Photo of the Month:

© Allison Yates. Queen Victoria Market.
A woman makes a monetary exchange at the Queen Victoria Market. 

This woman, like many of the women at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia, was loud and assertive. Walking through the produce and meat stalls, vendors scream prices and repeat the same incomprehensible sounds over and over again.

There was also a very bored looking man, who caught my attention. He was clearly very tired of carrying that sign.

© Allison Yates. Queen Victoria Market.
Man holds a sign at the Queen Victoria Market. 

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