6 Photos That Make Me Nostalgic For Ibiza

I am prone to nostalgia. I am usually okay with not seeing a close friend or going back to a place for a long time. But as soon as I get a small reminder, my heart aches to see that person or be in that place again.

The other day I was sifting through old photos. The truth was, I was looking for the worst photos I took last year. I spent the evening remembering the smell of pine trees, the crisp, cool air and the many picnics I spent with my closest friends.

1-Cala Benirras at Sunset


Or any sunset for that matter. Every weekend, my friends and I took a hike and watched the sunset together. Our most common comment was, “this seems to be better fit for a couple or romantic vacation.” We all looked at each other and pondered our singleness.

2-Lunch at El Bigote


Not my favorite Bullit de Peix (My favorite is at Es Nautic in San Antonio. Want to hear me scream that word? Watch this video!), but El Bigote is my favorite atmosphere for a long, lazy lunch. Notice the olives, Payes bread and alioli? IS YOUR MOUTH WATERING?

3- Sant Joan Lighthouse


I loved hiking around Sant Joan lighthouse in the north. Especially in winter, you felt alone but connected to the island.

4-Taking photos of the Sunday drumming at Cala Benirras


Pictured here is my friend and fellow au pair, Erin. We loved people watching and photographing the crowds, especially at Benirras. I could listen to the drumming and watch people dancing for hours. In fact, it did last for hours.

5- Graffiti in Ibiza Town


If Ibiza had a slogan, it might be “never a dull moment.” This includes all the fun graffiti in and around Ibiza Town.

6- A sunny afternoon at Cala Gracio


Located a few minutes from the school where I taught, I hiked around Cala Gracio many times, often going all the way to Punta Galera. Seeing this photo reminds me of the crisp air and intense sun, even in the winter.


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