Photo Challenge of 2016: Capturing Personality

I recently listen to Valerie Jardin‘s podcast This Week in Photos: Street Focus. The episode “2016 Resolutions,” featuring Marco Larousse,  explores new and different ways of challenging yourself as a photographer.

Lisbon, Portugal.

The hosts discuss that a good way to expand your skills and try new things is by setting an ongoing project. Some photographers aim for a 365 day, others a 52 (once per week). That feels a little too ambitious for me. But I still want to partake in a project that will help me develop skillz (yes, skills with a “z”).  In 2015, I started to learn, mainly with travel photography. In 2016, I plan on working on learning more about photography and expanding to different genres.

galata 3
Istanbul, Turkey.

For my ongoing project,  I am going practice street photography and publish one photo a month. The theme of my monthly photos will be: Personality.

Why personality? I decided this topic because that is one of the reasons I love to travel. I travel to see other people- how they react, how they interact with with other and their environments. I want to practice capturing those moments I love to witness.

galata 10
I was far away when I took this picture in Istanbul. My goal this year is to go closer to my subject.

Because I am typically shy photographing people in public, this project will take me out of my comfort zone. I am going to challenge myself to engage with street photography, to take out the camera where normally I might be shy, and to not be afraid of talking to people about what I am doing.

galata 6
Mixing and mixing and mixing some more.I got close to the subject, but I asked his permission before, which disturbed what attracted me to the scene in the first place. Istanbul, Turkey.

Valerie Jardin always reminds her listeners- the newbies are shy. They’re embarrassed. And they hurt themselves by feeling that they are doing something wrong. This year, I will be brave! I won’t hide behind my zoom lens!

istan 8
I’m much more comfortable shooting from behind. However, I love faces! I’d rather see those… Istanbul, Turkey.

I look forward to your constructive comments. Best of luck you to you in your resolutions.

Featured photo: A vintage car lot in Brittany, France. 


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