Benvingut, 2016!

Hello, 2016! Yasmine says, “HEY!”

I’m walking into this year with lots of new ideas.

And hello to you, reader! I’m happy you’re here, I’m happy you’re alive, and I hope you’re feeling ready to take on your next challenge.

Thank you for reading Naptime With Yasmine in 2015. I hope you found it helpful, interesting, or any other adjective with a positive connotation.

I want to give a special thanks to all those who used google to search for porn involving au pairs. Your search led you to this article about my experience handling a child’s raging sexual curiosity and trying to handle it in a constructive way. You may not have found the porn you were looking for, but I hope you at least heard a new perspective on sexual education.

Thank you to everyone who wanted to know about what “tetas” and “Ibiza” would get you. Maybe you were looking for porn, maybe you wanted some wild party footage. Either way, you read this honest post about how going topless in Ibiza made me more confident in myself.

Thank you for being curious about the wild dancing in Ibiza. You were were looking for Ibiza raves, and you ended up watching new moves in the Ibiza Dance Tutorial.

These were some of my favorite articles to write. It makes me happy that you read them, no matter how you ended up doing so (Other favorites include: sexual assault prevention as a language assistant, when I was the au pair for a girl who cries for 45 minutes over eaten cookies, when I killed chicks, and the very controversial observation of the Leon separatist graffiti on the Camino de Santiago).

This month, look forward to more stories and observations about Southeast Asia and a series of stories on the warehouse I spent the last month working at. Come February, lookout for information on Australia, my next living abroad destination.

Feel free to visit the contact page for any information, article topic requests, or questions.

Have a meaningful, and most importantly, entertaining 2016.

bilbao 44
Bilbao, Spain.


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