Sick In Bangkok? My Experience At Praram 9 Hospital

If I started my trip in a clinic in Bangkok, it was only natural that I ended my trip in one. If you happen to need a doctor (for purposes other than getting anti-malarials), I highly recommend Praram 9 Hospital.

After returning to Bangkok from the islands, I suddenly got a high fever, a bit of food poisoning (I attribute that to a sloppy job at the DIY barbecue), and a painfully sore throat.  While I’m complaining I might as well mention my battle wounds from the islands: a semi-broken toe, cigarette burns on my arms (thanks, drunk girls dancing), sunburns (harsh sun!) and sore muscles (call me the dancing queen). It’s as if I was being punished for enjoying myself. I was flying to the U.S. the following day and wanted to make sure I was functioning in order to do so.

I was staying at Siamaze Hostel, which I highly recommend. After consulting with the staff, they explained several options. I decided to go with a nearby hospital. This hospital, Praram 9, was going to be more expensive, but they were guaranteed to speak English. Feeling weak and desperate, I wanted a fast solution and for someone to understand me.

The hostel owner kindly dropped me off at the hospital (only one of the reasons I am in love with Siamaze Hostel). Similar to the process of getting anti-malarials, you walk in, fill out paper work, present your passport, and get your photo taken (won’t be insta-worthy). You also get to appear very contagious and fragile with the touch of a surgical mask.  The nurses were extremely polite and explained every step.

Although the hospital was crowded, I only waited around five minutes before seeing a doctor. The doctor listened to my symptoms, examined my throat, and determined that I had a high fever (my soaking wet bed sheets could have told you that), dehydration (vomit-induced!), and tonsillitis. Ouch!

I was prescribed with an injection of antibiotics in my behind to jump-start the recovery process, oral antibiotics, paracetamol, and ibuprofen. After my shot, the nurses gave me a number, and I went to sit near the pharmacy. In five minutes my number was called and I paid a total of 1,737 baht ($48.54 USD) for the consultation, injection, and medication. This may seem like a lot of money, but for not having insurance it’s much cheaper than might be had I gone in the U.S.

I took my receipt to the counter next to the cashier, and my medications were prepared and presented to me in a gift bag. “What a cute present!” Jennifer said.

Gift bag, courtesy of the Praram 9 pharmacy staff.

Praram 9 Hospital was well-organized, efficient, clean, and full of compassionate staff. When you’re ill in a foreign country, the last thing you want to do is struggle to explain your ailments.

Top photo: Chiang Mai. Also known as, not Bangkok. But the countryside is a beautiful thing to think about when you’re in the hospital!


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