País Llionés Llibre: Part 2 – Further Information

After observing the graffiti in support of Leon’s separatism from Castilla while walking the Camino de Santiago, I wrote the post “El Camino de Santiago: Pais Lliones Llibre.

I received a record number of readers, and through the praise and criticism I am happy to have opened up a dialog on this issue and shed light on it to readers from around the world who may not be familiar with it.

Many readers found my lack of historical context disturbing; therefore, I wanted to include some additional links and information for anyone still curious about learning more.

It is important to note that Leon has only been part of this autonomous community for 37 years, and as such, questions of politics and finances should be analyzed. I, however, am no person to give opinions or information on internal Spanish politics, therefore, I leave that up to you, readers, to weigh in!

I would like to give a big shout out to those who took the time to leave comments on the original post, and to @SomosLeoneses, @regionleonesa, @Javain_Javakain, for engaging with me on Twitter, and for the many people who retweeted the article. I hope you are flattered rather than offended that I was interested in this topic.

Below, I have links to articles, a youtube video, and photos that discuss the separatist movement and give information on Leon. Please leave a comment or tweet at me (@yasminesoyyo) if you have any more information you would like readers to see. Por si quieren comentar o discutir en castellano (perdon, no hablo leones), estan invitados.

A few extra readings:

Here is a youtube video “La question llionesa” for the Spanish speakers:

Here are a few photos that were sent to me by the Twitter @SomosLeoneses

banderas de leon
The different flags of Leon.
europe of nations
A map of Europe in nations.
infographic of leon
A great visual for seeing information on Leon.
speak leonese
In favor of linguistic rights.


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