El Camino De Santiago: Pees Along The Way, A Photo Story

One of the most gratifying experiences for someone with such a small bladder is the chance to pee whenever she wants, whenever she wants.

Walking the French Route of the Camino restored my faith that these precious moments still exist.

As a traveler, I often have to suffer long bus rides without toilet access. Bumpy roads and crowded public transportation don’t exactly relax the bladder either.

On the camino, these concerns are nonexistent. I was elated to drop, squat, and release the yellow liquid inside of me to my heart’s content. Do you know what freedom feels like?

I do.

To commemorate the beauty of being able to urinate wherever you want, I photographed Kimberly at different moments along the route.

Let’s just call these photos “Kimberly caught during business time.”

Do you like to pee outside? What was your experience going to the bathroom on the Camino de Santiago?

peeing on the camino
Nothing compares to a beautiful view like the relief of having just peed.
pee  near burgos
Day 1 excitement just outside of Burgos
camino de santiago
pee  on camino
Adding yellow hues to a breathtaking landscape
peeing on thr camino
Do you know where to find happy people? Peeing on thr camino!
pees of  the camino
Forests were great spots too
pee camino de santiago
A nature bed can also be a toilet!
pee  on camino
What church?
pee on camino
The presence of other pilgrims didn’t cramp our style
Kimberly’s phrase “peace, love and sunshine” is apparent in the joy on her face

5 respuestas a “El Camino De Santiago: Pees Along The Way, A Photo Story

  1. Awesome pictures! They remind me of my own experiences. Really! Peeing was no problem. Just as easy as shown on your photos. But doing #2 was a greater challenge. Not to become rude or too detailed, but I am a regular lunch time pooper which lead to the urge usually appearing when out there on the trail. Often there still was a considerable distance left to the next village (and thus also the next toilet). During those weeks on the trail I must admit that I became a very qualified outdoor pooper, an expert in finding the “right spot” behind a blackberry bush or a stone fence and after a while even able to enjoy those moments of bodily relief in spite of the lack of a door to lock.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Hi Geri! Thanks so much for your comment. Glad to hear it. We all have our “routines” that are often hard to mold into a schedule as inconsistent as the camino. But, isn’t a relief to be able to go wherever you want? I suppose it’s a bit unhygienic, but hopefully all that poop isn’t going into any water streams… but, anyways, glad to hear everything went well. It’s amazing the things you learn about yourself on the camino. 🙂

      Me gusta

      1. Thanks for replying! I really hope that I avoided polluting water sources. And to be frank, I found some of the toilets along the trail far more unhygienic than going in the bushes. My most serious concern, though, was to be sure that nobody came by……

        Le gusta a 1 persona


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