On Backpacking While Being A Very Hairy Woman: Part 2

You heard the story. You know what happens when you pretend that everyone is okay with your female body hair.

That’s right, you photograph it!

You take precious tourist destinations, and put your body hair all over them!

Below, model, friend, and fellow blogger Kimberly poses for me across Europe.

Kimberly in Rome
Put your hands up if you’re down with G-O-D! Rome, Italy.
Kimberly Moroccan Desert
The desert was no small feat for hair like this. Merzouga, Morocco.
Curious Goats
This was the first time that some goats had seen armpit hair on females. Merzouga, Morocco.
Merzouga goats
He just stopped by to say hello. And wonder… Merzouga, Morocco.
friends goats
“We’re here and she’s there. How can we get closer to that hair?” Merzouga, Morocco.
kimberly in Merzouga
Some goats wanted to be models also. Merzouga, Morocco.
Hair in Porto
Divas belong in Porto, Portugal.
I see something I don’t agree with. That’s right, I’m in favor of more hair. Finisterre, Spain.
hair in portugal
Hostels and Hair. Something we can all get behind. Lisbon, Portugal.
roman fourm
What’s more ancient than body hair? Rome, Italy.
tile museum portugal
Tiles and furry friends. Tile Museum in Lisbon, Portugal.
I see something I’m interested in. Finisterre, Spain.
happy armpit
Doing what I want makes me happy! Finisterre, Spain.
reflection finisterre
I was just walking by when I realized how beautiful my natural hair is… excuse me while I enjoy my reflection. Finisterre, Spain.



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