El Camino de Santiago: Favorite Graffiti Seen Along the Way: A Photo Story

With over 240,000 pilgrims completing the Camino de Santiago a year, the path and its signs see a fair share of vandalism. Vandalism is a strong word, however, because often the signs painted with an inspiring message or a humorous anecdote.

Just as the bathrooms signs brought me great joy, reading what previous pilgrims had written brought me a sense of being part of a greater community of people. In accordance with my philosophy that laughter can solve anything, when you walk for hours in the burning sun a bit of humor is exactly what you need.

Below are photos of my favorite graffiti I saw along the French route from Burgos to Santiago de Compostela.

What were your favorite graffiti? Tweet at me @yasminesoyyo!

camino de santiago
“Te amo. Tu Gitano. Bss. Buen Camino.” (I love you. Your Gypsy. Kisses. Good Walk)

camino de santiago sign
“Agua sin garantia sanitaria”
Drink at your own risk: Water without sanitary guarantee.. hmmm (Not a graffiti but still fun)

camino de santiago
“No Pain, No Gain – Girls” (Gain is crossed out and someone wrote over it, Girls”

“Kriss Millington butters his cat on both sides.” Because that makes sense. Maybe a sexual/Mean girls reference?

camino de santiago
“Everybody start singing, now!”

“Buen Camino, Miao!”

camino its business time
“It’s business time.”
This graffiti was found on a road in Galicia right before a 10km stretch up hill. Reference to a Flight of The Concords song “Business time,” perhaps?

camino de santiago
Who knows what this is. I don’t know and I don’t care, but I like it.
Ponferrada, Spain.

“Tu vida es una mierda” (your life is shit.) Thanks so much for the encouragement! Seen in Burgos, Spain.

running man
Where is he off to?
Burgos, Spain

“Prohibido tirar pedos y cagar” (prohibited to fart and shit).
You can’t tell me what to do!
Near Hornatas

Ya, we want classes on how to “F***” not high school. Thanks for listening.

pooping on the camino de santiago
No pooping on the Camino de Santiago! Sign seen outside of Moratinos, Spain


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