The Camino De Santiago: 8 Things I Didn’t Know

  1. You will find abandoned bathtubs in many places.

Sometimes they are for the livestock to drink from, and sometimes no one knows why they are there.

  1. There are (often multiple) water fountains in every town along the camino.

This is amazing, and it will save your life. And now you don’t have to ask restaurants to give you some. But if you still have to, they were always polite and friendly about it.

  1. BBVA isn’t found in every Spanish town. In fact, ATMs aren’t in every town.

The crisis brought a slew of bank closings and you won’t always be able to find yours. Often, you might not even find a bank. Stock up on cash, and get out enough to hold you for 3-4 if necessary.

  1. Albergues are strict, and you have to follow their rules.

I didn’t realize I would be told to go to bed by 11:00pm or be kicked out by 8:00am.

  1. The reason why you get places early, is so you don’t miss out.

There were a few occasions when we would arrive too late at a town and miss out on space at a donation-based albergue or free community dinner with a limited number of spots. That’s the only reason someone would ever convince me to get somewhere early (no, not even the heat).

  1. There are abandoned shoes left everywhere.

All I was thinking was, what are these people wearing now? And, did they bring multiple pairs, just for this purpose?

  1. Spanish towns don’t care if they leave construction tools on sidewalks unattended.

We were often scared the chainsaws would go out of whack like they do in cartoons and movies.

  1. Socks matter

Yes, I read the blogs. I read all of the information, and clearly thought it didn’t apply to me. When after the first day I already formed fist-sized blisters on the bottom of my feet, I realized that no, cotton socks aren’t a good idea, and you’re no exception!

What did you see or do on the camino that you didn’t expect?


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