Yasmine is Back, And She’s Got More Stories Than Ever

It’s been two months since my last post. I found the harsh reality of the difficulties of attempting to blog while traveling without a computer, and the most difficult of difficulties: laziness.

Or, let’s spin that to make it seem less unforgiving: I was having a blast going through Mediterranean Europe and just couldn’t find the time to become irritated by the small letters on my IPhone.

My rest has ended, and expect a slew of Camino and travel-related posts to come. I’ve taken this summer to document the weird, the absurd, and obnoxious, and they are yours, all yours, within a matter of days.

Maybe this “I’m back” post is less heartfelt or illustrative than one might have hoped for. Maybe you’re thinking,


(That was a direct quote from all of you). One of my favorite bloggers Erika of El Camino Rubi just came back from her summer hiatus; she sent her readers a gushingly descriptive and breathtaking account of her summer and the personal transformations, epiphanies, and dilemmas. She even wrote a goodbye email earlier in the summer to explain her future lack of communication.

I didn’t really do either. I, of course, don’t have the following that Erika has (shout out to you, Mom and Kimberly!), but I owed it to you anyway.

Excuses aside, I’m going back to blogging, and I’m excited for what’s to spill out of my keyboard. I hope you enjoy the anecdotes and with any luck, find some helpful advice for a future trip or overseas-job mistake.

Until very soon…here’s a picture to get your taste buds going.

pooping on the camino de santiago
No pooping on the Camino de Santiago! Sign seen outside of Moratinos, Spain

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