El Camino De Santiago: A Poem To The Province Of Palencia

The Camino De Santiago, especially now that we’re in Galicia, has been full of wonders, lush, green fauna, and enough smells and sights to create the illusion of being what Kimberly refers to as “half Jurassic Park, half fairyland world.” 

If only it had always been this way. 

Before there was Jurassic Fairy Land, there was the hell that the Spanish government calls Palencia.  

Palencia, the name of a city in Castilla y Leon and also a province in the sane region, was marked by us as the wheat and barley capital of the camino. While no part of this journey has been less than spectacular, Palencia gave us extra challenges. 

In honor of the “suffering” (there has been no suffering on the camino, every day is entertaining and a learning experience) she caused us, we send you a poem dedicated to her. We might also make a special disclaimer that we are in no way trying to be real poets. But who can resist the honesty and vulnerability you’ll read below…


You bitch. *

Your evil, endless roads of dust make me itch.

The pharmacist says the rash was normal…

…only Kimberly and I got it. 

Your neural tones and suffocating oven temperature air mixed with your sizzling sun rays are enough to provoke desert hallucinations. 

Even Shirley MacLaine called you “monotonous.”

Your flat, hopeless gravel paths were confronted by glorious a albergue oasis, complete with swimming pools: TAKE THAT!

“Hey, bee! MY EAR IS NOT A FLOWER!” We shouted.

We have now surpassed you, and we are glad too.

You do you, Palencia. 

-Allison and Kimberly

July 4, 2015

*we are in no way condoning the use of the word bitch, and a reflexion on its use in mainstream society is necessary. 


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