My Ibiza Recommendations: In Case You Trust Me

After spending a winter here, I had some trials to find what was efficient, effective, and the best place for me to get done what I needed to do.

The following list (again, not exhaustive) is of what I found to give me the most stress-free experience to accomplish my set goals. If you’re an auxiliar next year in Ibiza, or just living in Ibiza, stop by these stores/business and see if you agree!

My favorite….

1. ….Bookstore: El Hiperbole

C/ Bisbe Carrasco 1-3
Tlf:971391769 / Fax:971300553

This bookstore has the best window displays, the most entertaining editorial posters on their windows, and the mix of classic and new books gives you lots of options. Great place to find language textbooks, notebooks, and writing utensils. The employees always seem to have great manbuns as well.

2. ….Ibiza Guide: My Ibiza Guide by Hjdoris Fogelberg

I stumbled upon this book at a store in Santa Gertrudis and it served me well over my 8-month stint in Ibiza. The guide gives honest and clear descriptions of different restaurants, places, entertainment, and hikes in Ibiza and Formentera. If I was bored on a winter day I would open up the book and find inspiration. You can find it at most bookstores on the island.

3. …Hair Salon: Peluqueria Tanit Mari

Avda. España n46
07800 Ibiza
Tel: 871 51 98 22

One morning I was walking aimlessly around Ibiza Town hoping to find a place to get my hair trimmed. I happened to find my way to Tanit, who is the owner and main hairdresser. She is a lovely person who gives excellent and cheap cuts, in fact, much cheaper than other places I had been to. After studying in Barcelona, she came back to her native Ibiza to open up her own salon. I recommended her to all of my friends here, and everyone had great experiences.

4. ….Cafe: Harinus

I know it’s lame because it’s a chain, but I can’t deny my love for this place. They have different varieties of chai lattes, great coffee, and a seemingly endless supply of all of the best local desserts and pastries (correction: only one thing could make it better. If they had flao). Various locations are around Ibiza Town. My favorite thing to get is a cafe con leche and a chocolate ensaimada.

5. …Denist: Marta Ribas

971 39 44 44

Because we don’t have dental insurance as auxiliares, we have a lot of chance to shop around and find the cheapest and best quality clinic to get dental work done. After going to four different clinics, Marta Ribas’s was the best for quality and price. It’s free to go to any clinic and get a quote your desired procedures, including a general cleaning. I heard horror stories and got exorbitant quotes for cavities and wisdom teeth extractions at other clinics. The reception nurse was a bit sassy for my taste, but that aside I had a very positive experience there.

6. …Place to find a hipster-esque scene: Mal del Cap and Xiringuito a Groenlandia

Mal del Cap is a cultural association that hosts events, such as comedy nights and documentary screenings, and posts advertisements about other events around Ibiza on their facebook. I went to one of their events in March to see the comedian Net Addiction, and all I could say was, “What the F.” In short, it was entertaining.

Xiringuito a Groenlandia is another cultural association that hosts rock and alternative music concerts in Ibiza in the winter at various bars, often in San Antonio. I went to several of their concerts and always found a warm and inviting atmosphere, and of course, beautiful people (manbuns, galore).

7. ….Place to buy small presents: Natura or LaChicadeAyer

Natura (a chain, but I still love it), located in Paseo del Parque in Ibiza Town has lovely clothing and a gift section full of random things ranging from self-help books to giant erasers with funny frases on them. A different yet similar vibe, LaChicadeAyer is a small corner store located at Avda.Espana 18, has beautiful jewelry, dresses, decorations and trinkets that make perfect gifts. Not to mention, I’m in love with those Mr. Wonderful mugs!

8. …Gelateria: Santa Gertrudis

Open only from April through October, the only gelateria in Santa Getrudis, on the corner of Carrer Venda de Parada and Carrer de Ses Escoles, has a great assortment of flavors and never fails to disappoint. Skip the expensive geleterias and heladerias in the port and opt for one.

9. …Bakery: La Canela

Carrer d’Aragó, 54
07800 Ibiza

Anyone in Ibiza Town will rave to you about this place. The smell carries for blocks and reels you in… tempting you with their greixonera or blueberry cheesecake. Try all their gluttonous desserts and don’t look back. My only complaint is that there is no where to sit and enjoy in the store. You have to carry out.

10. …Locutorio: Who knows the name of it

This locutorio is located halfway between Carrer de Murcia and Carrer de Balears near Parque de La Paz in Ibiza Town. It’s the only one I’m aware of open on Sundays and cheap to print out at. Friendly staff as well. Watch out for the old men who love to flirt.

What are your recommendations for where to find the best things in winter in Ibiza?


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