Where To Find Out About Hikes In Ibiza

While I’m on this “Ibiza Resources” kick, I might as way lay it all out on the table.

Perhaps you were intrigued by the post “Interview With An Avid Hiker: Top 5 Ibiza Hikes” and thought to yourself, where can I discover more hikes?

That’s exactly why I wrote this post! So that if you don’t like the offer in the previous post, or you are curious Cathy always wanting more, I hope this list will come in handy.

  1. Walking Ibiza

If have never had the opportunity to go on one of their hikes, but everyone and their mother raves about them. They organize (often free) community hikes on Friday and Saturday mornings in the winter, as well as various other hiking (perhaps combined with yoga) events. Follow them on their Facebook, and check out their amazing photos, articles they share, and more.

  1. The Consell d’Eivissa’s “Porta Oficial Deportes de Ibiza”

The Consell d’Eivissa has downloadable maps with highlighted walking trails. You have to be a bit more adventurous for this one, but you will be sure to go out of your comfort zone. The one time I used this method I somehow confused a hiking trail with a cycling trail, and the results were dismal…lackluster, if you will. Don’t do what I did, and read before you print.

  1. Amics de la Terra

Besides informing the public (and policymakers) on all things environmentally related, this nonprofit also hosts various hikes around the island. For a small fee (usually around 5 euros), you can join other locals (hikes are conducted in a mix of Catalan and Spanish) in the outdoors while learning about the history and geology of the island. They typically give you delicious local treats (coca, orelletes, and more) during a break from walking. Sign up for their emails and you’ll get notifications of anything and everything, and also upcoming hikes.

I did one of their hikes around Santa Agnes, where I learned about different plant species and their uses, ancient ovens and wells, and various other pieces of historical information.

  1. Go at it alone!

Do what Erin did, and take your car (if you’re lucky enough to have one), drive up to a cliff, and see if you can find a trail. As she mentioned in the interview, there are so many trails on this island, and people have spent their time and energy to clearly mark them for you. As long as you see the blue arrow, you’ll be fine!

Maybe if you choose this method, always make sure to bring enough water and snacks, a charged cell phone, and maybe even a buddy.

Do you hike on Ibiza? Where did you find out about the hike(s)?



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