Where To Find Out About Winter Events In Ibiza

Perhaps you read the title of this post and think (to yourself if you’re Anglo-Saxon, and potentially out loud if you’re not) what a dumb post.

Hmm…maybe? But I struggled with finding out what was happening and when in Ibiza. The winter time, especially arriving without knowing someone, can make Ibiza seem like an empty, cold, and sterile place.

Especially if you don’t (like I didn’t) live in Ibiza Town, you miss all of the event posters and flyers. You think, where is everyone, and what do they do? There were times when I didn’t see other people besides the family I work for and the students I teach at the high school.

This post is aimed at helping you (whoever you are!), if you find yourself in Ibiza in the winter, live your wintertime Ibiza social life (and we’re not talking the Ibiza you hear about in gossip magazines. This list will not help you snuggle up to a famous DJ. It will, however, help you feel more ibicenco.)

  1. The Newspaper

It is completely valid to go to a café and open up the ocio section of El Periódico de Ibiza and El Diario de Ibiza to find out about what’s going on around town. They usually report on parties, festivals, or cultural events a couple of days before its set to happen.

  1. Aarti: La Guia Sana de Ibiza

This monthly magazine has articles and information on all things holistic, healthy, and spiritual on the island of Ibiza. The last few pages of the magazine (which you can get for free at most stores and markets in Ibiza) always have a list of activities listed by each day of the month.

  1. [If You’re An Auxiliar] The Teachers at Your School

They are locals or have been living here a long time, and have all the scoop on cool events happening all around the island. They can give you the skinny!

  1. Ibiza Winter Residents Facebook

Aside from being almost more absurd than Ibiza itself, this facebook group gives good information on all topics. From events and parties to where to find the best hot sauce, this group is generally friendly and helpful. People are always willing to take a few moments to assist you in anything you need.

  1. Just Give Up and Don’t Plan Anything Ahead of Time

Wait until you hear about things via word of mouth. Most of the cool events I (and other friends) missed were because we were too anglo and planned everything ahead of time. We made plans and concreted details often a few days before the weekend. If you wait until 9pm on a Friday night to decide what you’re going to do, chances are you’ll find out about something awesome from someone!

Do you live in Ibiza in the winter? How do you figure out what’s happening?



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