MOLT BE: Our Love of Ibicenco

In the image that Ibiza has in the world – that of parties, drugs, sex (the usual) – there is a cultural identity that is often forgotten – its linguistic heritage. In fact, many tourists who come here (as evidenced by many conversations we’ve already had) are completely oblivious to the fact that both Spanish and Ibicenco is spoken here.

Ibicenco – the variety of Catalan spoken in the Pitiusas (Ibiza and Formentera) has been one of the most entertaining aspects of my life here.

Living in an ibicenco household, our dinner table conversations flow between English (which the girl speaks with me), Ibicenco (which the girl speaks with her family), and Spanish (which I speak with the family). Although I understand most of the ibicenco that I hear, my level is basic and my conversation extremely limited (I even spent too much money at the beginning of the year on two textbooks to learn, but failed to dedicate enough time to it).

Therefore, what I am able to pick out of a conversation is usually the same basic phrases. And due to my basic level, I have come to love and appreciate those phrases. By love and appreciate I usually mean throwing them in a conversation after I’ve been drinking, or trying to be funny at school.

In order to really show you how much entertainment we get from this language, you must know how much of that entertainment is self-provoked.

While the language itself isn’t funny, our interpretation and image of it is what gets us every time.

Please enjoy this odd and poorly edited video of us speaking Ibicenco.

Molt Be! Muy Bien! Very Good!


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