An Interview With An Avid Runner: Top 3 Ibiza Town Running Routes

My friend and fellow language assistant Grace, aside from being an inspiration to us all with her curiosity, her excitement for seeing and learning new things about Ibiza, and her thought-provoking conversation, is also an avid runner (similar to how Erin is an avid hiker).

vinoandco Ibiza
I force her to stand by dessert. She is not running here, but she is Grace.

If I go into Ibiza Town during the weekdays, I almost always see Grace in a powerful sprint. She might be in her 7th mile of her 15 mile-long run, but you would never guess. She makes distance running look like sitting on the couch watching reruns of Scandal.

Because she lives in Ibiza Town, her runs typically evolve into routes in and around that city. Grace told me that before she came to Ibiza, she researched previous auxiliary blogs about Ibiza and even running routes. However, she was disappointed to not find any helpful information.

st agnes ibiza
She’s still not running, but here is Grace & co being active. Frolicking through the trails of the almond blossoms in St. Agnes.

Therefore, for all of those who wish to come to Ibiza and indulge in a run, here are Grace’s Top Runs in and Around Ibiza.

  1. Marina Botafoch
Marina Botafoch at Sunset. Photo credit: Erin Morris

Route: From the port up toward Marina Botafoch, ending at a lookout over Playa Talamanca to the North and the marina lighthouse to the South.

How you discovered it: I was initially introduced to the running path by a friend of mine who grew up here in Ibiza. One day, I was running along the marina, and I wanted to run a bit of an incline, so I went off the path to the left up a residential street. The street offers the best views of the pretty lighthouse at the end of the Marina. The steep hill ended at a gorgeous lookout with a view of Talamanca to the north.

Distance: From the port to the lookout, it’s probably about 3.5 miles. The hill is definitely steep and difficult, but stopping to take in the view is unavoidable

When: I like to run on weekends in the late morning, around 10 or 11. It’s not too hot yet and the path isn’t crowded with dog-walkers and little kids on bikes.

Why: I love this run for the views, but also for the challenge of tackling the big hill. I love the feeling I get when it’s finally over and I can stop to appreciate the beauty surrounding me on all sides. That’s the best motivation for me.

Meaningful moments: My favorite running memory was the day I discovered this little lookout. I stopped at the top of the hill and just stood there for a while, catching my breath and walking in circles to take in the view on all sides.

  1. Figueretas Boardwalk
Mirror selfie of friends and I on the boardwalk. Check yourself out in the reflection next time you’re there. Photo credit: Grace McGann.

Route: Running the Playa Figueretas boardwalk, which is lined with restaurants and bars, is really fun because it’s so lively. Also, the views of the ocean are of course beautiful.

How you discovered it: It’s the closest beach to my apartment, so when I’m in the mood to run along the beach it’s my go-to run

Distance: It’s a very short boardwalk, so I usually run it as a warm-up. It’s probably only about half a mile long.

When: Try to avoid it during the hottest part of the day, because it’s in complete sun. Also, it gets pretty crowded during tourist season, so I recommend running it in the mornings.

Meaningful moments: I love people-watching, and the boardwalk is the perfect place to do it.

  1. Dalt Vila
dalt vila ibiza
Dalt Vila lit up (don’t worry, not in flames!). Photo credit: Erin Morris.

Route: When I want to challenge myself with some serious incline, I run to the old town and try to maintain a jog all the way up to the top, where the views are phenomenal of both the city and the water.

How you discovered it: Everyone in Ibiza knows Dalt Vila, and when I first saw the quaint little town, I was just walking around. When I started interspersing flat runs with more hilly ones, I thought of Dalt Vila as the ultimate challenge for incline. It’s extremely difficult to keep up a jogging pace all the way to the top, but you’re rewarded for your hard work when you reach the lookout spaces.

Distance: It’s not a long run, but it’s very intense.

Why: I like to do this run on days when I don’t have a lot of time but still want a good workout. It provides the intensity without having to dedicate much time.

ibiza benirras
How can you not take advice from this beauty?

If you don’t fancy any of these runs, Grace gives you some advice to find your own inspiring workout:

Turn onto streets that interest you. Because it’s Ibiza, you’ll probably end up somewhere beautiful. Also because it’s Ibiza, you’ll find it difficult to get lost. Most roads, even if you feel like you’re out in the middle of nowhere, lead to something you’ll recognize (or at least a town where the people will be happy to point you in the right direction).

What are you favorite running routes around Ibiza? How did you discover them? What’s your most memorable moment on a run?


5 respuestas a “An Interview With An Avid Runner: Top 3 Ibiza Town Running Routes

  1. Thanks for sharing your great tips! I’m here on holidays for 2 weeks visiting family and I’ve been running along the peer for my first run. It was a nice path however it was hard to breathe since a lot of cars drive along the same road so I’ve been looking for alternatives and I’m definitely trying out my next run along figueretas next time! It’s only 15min walk away from my uncle’s flat so that’s great! Did you ever try the jogging path along Santa eulalia? It was recommended by another local runner, I might try this one too.

    Me gusta

    1. Hey Caroline! Oh yes, I can see how that would get exhausting and overwhelming. I’m not familiar with the traffic because Ibiza is so quiet in the winter. I did Santa eulalia once along the river walk and along a small dirt path along the coast which was lovely but tricky and potential dangerous for ankles. One thing that is hard with cars but nice is running down the camino viejo San mateu, take the route from Ibiza town and through puig den valls and continue, and it’s by sheep, goats, mountains, and olive groves. Nice one! Let me know how it ends up!! Cheers

      Me gusta


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