Fiesta De La Primavera en Atzaró: Ibiza In A NutShell

We had walked into the all-day party a bit after 2:00pm. After five minutes, my friend turned to me and said, “Allison. This is a gathering of beautiful people.” I said with a sigh, “Yes, yes it is. Everyone here looks like a rock star.”

This party was, indeed, Ibiza in a nutshell.

“Spring is here” decorations. Fun fact: One of my student’s mom was the decorator

A giant gathering of beautiful people who all look like rock stars. An exquisite mix of German, French, Spanish, English, and Italian, perfectly tanned and fashionably hippie. Could potentially otherwise be described as a magnet for DILFs (You familiar with that term? No? Come to Ibiza. You’ll figure it out), attack of families from the girl’s private school, or my personal favorite, invasion of the ridiculously breathtaking man buns (Need more convincing?)

The party was La Fiesta de Primavera, hosted by Atzaró on Sunday, March 29.

That gelato was amazing

I drank too much, paid way to much money for an overpriced choripan and gelato, and ogled at too many handsome men. But, it was all worth it. It was one of the best Sundays I have had all year.

For 15 euros, I got choripan, chips, and an beer

The party was meant to mark the beginning of the summer season in Ibiza. From noon until who knows when, the party was filled with people from all walks of life. It was a wonderfully diverse group of people, yet all sort of fitting in the same category: Ibiza.

You may recall I had some personal turmoil trying to understand Ibiza. Some aspects of this island were starting to bother me (how can you be so “progressive” when you are so environmentally unconscious?…among other things). This party, however, was every juxtaposition, every antithesis, every inconsistency, and every paradox. Nevertheless, it was as if it finally all came together for me.

“Don’t look at me”

The facebook invitation for the party wrote,

En sus jardines se da cita una gran pasarela humana multicultural y de distintas formas de ver la vida, familias, niños, jóvenes y mayores, residentes y turistas, ibicencos y peninsulares, trabajadores, bohemios, mascotas, parejas, grupos de amigos …Todo el mundo cabe en la Fiesta de la Primavera, sin privados ni reservados es la mejor representación de las personas que residen y aman esta Isla, flores, luz, colores y un ambiente impresionante durante todo el día, las actividades para niños, talleres gastronómicos, talleres holísticos, exposiciones de arte, buffet y stands de comida, performances, Dj’s y actuaciones de música en vivo hacen de este encuentro que dura todo el día y parte de la noche algo único en este paraíso natural que es el Agroturismo Atzaró.

In its gardens there will be a great multicultural human catwalk and different forms of seeing life, families, children, Young and old people, residents and tourists, ibicencos and people from the península, workers, bohemians, pets, couples, groups of Friends….everyone fits in in the Fiesta de la Primavera, without private or reservations, it’s the best representation of people who reside on and love this island, flowers, lights, colors and an impressing environment for the whole day, activities for kids, food workshops, holistic workshops, art exhibits, a buffet and food stands, performances, DJ’s and live music, all make this event last all day and part of the night. Something unique in this natural paradise that is Atzaro Agrotourism.

And the party was everything the event invitation promised… and more.

The party included a “hippie market” with local Ibiza businesses selling products – anything from soaps, clothing, shoes, calendars, hats, and even raising money to feed the stray cats in Ibiza.

Way too entertaining

Passing expensive shirts with tarot card symbols on them, I mentioned my angst to the friend I went to the party with. She said, “Duh, it’s simple. This island has a hippie heritage. The expats, who are rich, have appropriated the hippie symbols and lifestyle.” Easy. Ya está. No need to beat yourself up over it.

I was delighted to see the multifaceted atmosphere. It was calming, exciting, and exhilarating. I wasn’t annoyed. It marked the beginning of a different kind of appreciation of what this island is (I’ve got a current three day stint!).

People watching was like reading a New York Times article about Ibiza. It finally all made sense. This is the Ibiza that people come to see. This is what people imagine when they hear Ibiza.

Atzaró was an insanely cool place. It’s decor brings a sense of wonder and tranquility. Considered Agrotourism, it sits among orange groves, sheep, and a dirt roads.

But, don’t let the name fool you. It’s anything but rustic or humble. Laid out among the property are at least 27 massive Buddha statues, four bars, many swimming pools, natural sanctuaries and a luxurious restaurant.

I thought to myself several times that this is most likely the first and last time I will ever be in the presence of something so fancy.

You may also recall that Ibiza is the size of my shoe. It’s a small world. I was again reminded of that at this party.

Who did I run into at this party?

First of all, an estimated 75% of the families who go to the girl’s private school. The same student and his mom I ran into at La Pintxa. More students and their parents from the high school. My private students. Some woman I see at my dentist’s waiting room. Colleagues from the high school. Almost every auxiliar de conversacion on this island. My friend’s smokin’ group exercise instructor.

That crazy yoga teacher I met in Dalt Vila who tried to convince me to take his yoga and/or personal training sessions immediately, and then when I declined lectured me for another 30 minutes about how Ibiza is meant for taking opportunities when they come to you, and I wasn’t taking them and therefore I am not living my life to the fullest (STFU, I thought). That was one of the moments that triggered my I’m-confused-by-this-island post.

That guy who I ran into every time I went out and eventually told me I broke his heart. You may remember him from this post.

This brother and sister duo who are among the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever laid eyes on… We saw them when the auxiliaries went out for Thanksgiving dinner at Comidas Bar San Juan, and then ran into them at Pacha the next night. I blurted to them that they were so cool and I was obsessed with them. I forced them to take my number, and no surprise, received no call. It’s hard to be friends with someone when they act like a 12-year-old fan club member.

Ibiza is indeed the size of my shoe. And a giant gathering of beautiful people.

Oh, wait, are we some of the “beautiful people”?

It was a splendid day, marking the beginning of the season. The sun was out, the mood was right, and the music wasn’t even the painful electronic I despise so much (we had a blast dancing to the Ibizalights Boogie Band).

In a nutshell: I’m happy to be living on this island


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